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Lawyer of Wout van Aert: “Serious incident creates further co-operation impossible”

1abe0a467c307fb9969e1e142e88d2fc - Lawyer of Wout van Aert: “Serious incident creates further co-operation impossible”

Wout van Aert has his contract with Sniper Cycling – the company behind Veranda’s Willems-Crelan – with immediate effect broken, and does so on the basis of ‘cause’. According to their lawyer Walter Van Steenbrugge has past weekend a “serious incident, that any further cooperation impossible.”


– Wout van Aert cancels with immediate effect the contract with the team, Nick Nuyens

ANALYSIS. Wout van Aert will pay a high price for his freedom (but it could not be otherwise)

About the nature of the incident will Of Steenbrugge nothing to lose: “We have, of course, described in the letter to the Sniper, but that discussion has not run in the press. It comes to an important fact. Should this occur in a normal ‘employer-employee’ relationship, would the trade unions shocked to react. It is also a culmination of previous shortcomings. The trust between the management is complete.”

The statements of van Steenbrugge are of course the legal position. By his contract to terminate on the basis of urgent cause, the will Of Aert prevent him from a termination fee (in this case, perhaps 15 months ‘ salary) must pay. “It is a question whether the management of a Sniper and the urgent reason to accept”, says Van Steenbrugge. “Otherwise it will be a labour court for a ruling to do so.”

The lawyer is convinced that he is the ‘cause’ of hard will be able to create. “I’m going to not rule in the place of the court, but it is for serious facts. An employee has the right to a full commitment of his employer and that is not the case here.”

Van Aert lost last weekend, not for the first time, a cross by materiaalpech. He drove in the Brico-cross in Geraardsbergen over the lead when his versnellingsapparaat broke off in a fall. Could it be that the camp of Aert continued to faulty material as ‘urgent reason’ want to invoke?

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