Wilfred Genee proposes complaining Derksen satisfied

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Wilfred Genee and Johan Derken

It turned out within a few weeks from the start of an annoyance for the VI-trio in August at their new employer Talpa of John de Mol was started. The men were given all the freedom, but agreed, however, that the program would take longer and longer commercial breaks would get. But they quickly discovered that four in two hours a lot of the good was.

Derksen complained about the fact that it is disturbing for the viewer, but also for the men themselves, because after each commercial, the chemistry had to see to get back. Genee was chief executive with the management to talk, and as it now appears, with success.

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,,We have jointly looked at. You make this program with z’n all. This decision is in consultation to come,” says a spokesman for Talpa to the AD. According to the newspaper, there was internally at transmitter Veronica is already longer on the commercial breaks spoken and there are multiple conversations with the leadership. Tonight will be the effect in the program to see if the gentlemen from 20.30 to 22.30 in the Veronica back their opinions about football and any other matters.

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