Vechtjas To Wierik asks through the shirt of Huntelaar

b7e6672c589e06ec6b1c02a96f5ba4a6 - Vechtjas To Wierik asks through the shirt of Huntelaar

“It is for Mike te Wierik”, announced the ex-following his departure to chelsea Zeefuik. That seemed remarkable, because the netherlands ’vechtjas’ was ninety minutes long, with Huntelaar on the stick. Zeefuik: “But Mike’s father is a big fan of Klaas.”

That Ajax-players nowadays per season but two shirts must give and the other must pay, teed the dollende Zeefuik is clearly not. “Huntelaar earns enough.”

The play from the Further hit on his return in the Johan Cruijff ArenA, under the impression of the team of Erik ten Hag. “This is the strongest Ajax that I can remember,” said the Native. “We played specimens seem more aggressive compared to normal, but were still very difficult.”

The penalty for Ajax, which he caused, found Zeefuik too easy. “There was very light contact, but it certainly was not a push, as the referee says. The VAR had him in my eyes must roll back. But apparently, plays in the ArenA, yet aware that he was eight minutes before a goal has failed.”

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