Simone Kleinsma back in serie Kees & Co

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Simone Kleinsma think that the role of Kees in the sitcom ” Kees & Co. as stressed. “That coat I would like to pick up again. It is a bit of an older jacket, but that’ll be fine,” said the actress at RTL.

Kees & Co which for many years was a great success for RTL. The series, about the daily trials and tribulations of Kees (Kleinsma) and her family, between 1997 and 2006 broadcast. After eight seasons and nearly a hundred episodes went the plug out. Still, the sitcom one of the best viewed series on Videoland, where all the episodes to look back. Partly because of this decided to a new series. The complete cast is later published.

In all seasons, Esther Roord see as neighbor Sonja and Victor Löw was in the last series, the new friend of Kees. His character, Frank had two children Mariël and Steven, played by Nikkie Plessen and Sascha Visser. Kees had two children, Anne and Rudie, with her now deceased husband Ben (Rik Hoogendoorn). The children, roles of Amber Teterissa and Robin Tjon Pian Gi, disappeared, however, outside the picture.

The recordings start on 2 October, with a live audience.

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