Pakistani premier auction fleet

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ISLAMABAD – The Pakistani government has by auction more than sixty cars sold. There was more luxury and bullet-proof vehicles under the hammer. The new prime minister Imran Khan want with such actions, the belt tightening, but is itself under fire because he is a regular with a helicopter to get to work let fly.

Prime Minister Imran Khan.

The auction brought the state treasury more than $ 1.2 million on, message broadcaster, Geo TV. The government tried more than a hundred cars to sell, but that did not work in all cases. So there are no new owners are found for two vehicles that are designed to bomb explosions to resist.

The former cricketidool Khan resigned last month as prime minister. He promised a fresh breeze. Critics float, however, the spot with the helikoptertochtjes of the prime minister, who is often by air to the capital, Islamabad shipping. According to his government takes that converted 34 cents per kilometre, but that calculation is not universally taken seriously.

“Why if you buy the metro and bus lines not? Then you can the people as an alternative take advantage of cheap helikoptertochtjes,” joked a television presenter.

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