Now all important prize for fiction series of The Day

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This weekend was the 20th edition of the Fiction Festival of La Rochelle, the Belgian TV-series “The Day” was awarded as the Best European fiction series. The series was part of the official competition, together with 9 other European fiction series. The screening of “The Day” was followed by a panel discussion on Belgian fiction. Director Gilles Coulier was together with showrunners and screenwriters Jonas Geirnaert and Julie Mahieu present to the series, to introduce to the French public. The festival has been twenty years, and is one of the most renowned festivals in France. More than 50 French and international fiction projects were, in total, is proposed. The actress Marie Gillain was chairman of the jury. The Day was earlier this year, Telenet Play More broadcast, and will from the beginning of 2019 be seen at to FOUR.

A small town is rocked by a runaway bank robbery. A day long results in a very exciting and surprising cat-and-muisspel between the police and the captors. Alternately displays the series of the position of the police and the press and that of the bank robbers, the victims and their family members. The viewer learns quickly that not everything is what it seems and discovers in each episode is a new piece of the puzzle.

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