No indication novitsjok with sick set

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SALISBURY – The set of Sunday in the British city of Salisbury unwell is hit, it is not in contact with the nerve novitsjok. That has the police in a statement.

The man in his forties and the woman in their thirties are in the hospital studied. ,,We can now confirm that there is nothing to assume that novitsjok the substance is. Both persons remain for observation in the hospital,” reads the statement of the police.

Sunday night was a large area around an Italian restaurant in the city centre cordoned off after two people unwell. Due to the recent events in Salisbury were many precautions taken and were of the emergency services in great numbers.

According to the police, it is still unclear whether there is a crime. The research is still running. Except in the immediate vicinity of the restaurant are the deposits removed.

Salisbury is the hometown of the Russian ex-spy Sergei Skripal. He was there at the beginning of this year, poisoned with the nerve agent novitsjok, according to the British government by two Russian spies. Also Skripals daughter Yulia was ill. Both survived. A couple from a neighboring village was ill, possibly because they accidentally novitsjok came in contact. The wife died, the husband recovered.

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