Jury The Talent Project supports Glennis Grace

196cb4b6927168487985fbd6fbf81b42 - Jury The Talent Project supports Glennis Grace

This they left Monday turn out at the press presentation. In the new vrijdagavondshow RTL4 be potential talents in one hundred days being groomed for the big stage.

“I know that they love can sing, and that they live always delivers”, says Roel van Velzen about Glennis Grace. “I see that they are the very its meaning in America and according to me that is the most important and it is a beautiful adventure. We hope her the best. I think that the Netherlands is also a bit proud is that she is doing.”


“I’m a Whitney Houston fan, always have been. And Glennis is there so close with its sound, so I’m automatically a fan of her”, says Chantal Janzen, who also been for many years member of the jury of the Dutch version of America’s Got Talent. “I would really love to find her. I have to honestly say that I the show have not seen it and little about the competitors can say of Glennis, but where I put my hand in the fire, dare to cross: the weather is going to nailen. Because Glennis can very well occur. She has not quickly suffer from nerves in her voice. That will just not happen, that they would fly off. I think Glennis is not such a person – I hope so, I was right – that her last note, screwing up as exciting. That is according to me its not going to happen.”

Singer Caro Emerald, who is in The Talent Project makes his debut as a judge in a talent show, praise the singing of Glennis Grace: “I have, here and there to see how they did it. I find it really crazy to hear. They can be great to sing, so why not? Who knows, she wins. In the Netherlands sings Glennis just about everyone to go home, so I hope she wins. But it is America’s Got Talent, with competitors from an unexpected angle, but her voice is like a house. There will certainly not lie.”

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