“Israel bombards Latakia shortly after deal Putin and Erdogan’

9874c36df8633a57922dccd4e3656d15 - "Israel bombards Latakia shortly after deal Putin and Erdogan’

LATAKIA – The Syrian army has anti-aircraft guns should activate after air raids on Latakia, as reporting international news agencies. In the city, several explosions heard.

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The bombing would be carried out in a scientific institute. Attacks on Latakia, in the middle of Assad area, but close to the border with Turkey, are certainly not commonplace. “The timing is also notable,” says a correspondent Ralph Dekkers from Tel Aviv.

Some analysts had an attack of the rebels expected. According to Syrian state media would be the bombing, however, from the sea are carried out. “That would mean that it is not the rebels, but Israel,” said Dekkers. “That country has in the past weeks, after a relatively quiet summer, the attacks on Syria resume, especially on sites where Iran is active.”

The attacks follow on the deal between Erdogan and Putin a demilitarized zone in Idlib, is striking. “But on the other side, let Israel nowhere by holding back,” said Dekkers. “It runs on its own policy. They had to have seen what for them is a danger, then attack them normally.”

Or there are dead or injured in Latakia, is not yet known. The anti-aircraft guns of Syria also came in three other provinces in action, but it is unclear whether there was an attack.

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