Home-actors put Red Flames fire the shins

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On Sunday, december 23, join the Belgian Red Flames, and the actors of the Home forces for two good causes of The Warmest Week. In the Sportoase in Leuven days they each other out for a competition soccer. Fun, fraternity but also in goals scored. One calls the fans of Home and of the Belgian national vrouwenvoetbalploeg to come cheer for their favorite team. The proceeds of the ticket sales goes entirely to The Hottest Week.
It promises to be an afternoon full of surprises, spectacle and humour. The Home team opted out of the more than 1000 non-profit the als Liga as a good goal.

Hans Roggen, producer at Home: “Out of the more than 1000 charities of The Warmest Week has taken Home the League chosen. And that is not just. In Belgium, suffering continuous 1000 people to this deadly disease. After much research and conversations with the League and the Laboratory for Neurobiology of UZ Leuven, the writers a while ago as well AS in a storyline of Home processed. See every day more than 1 million viewers how the character of Steven (actor Ben Van Ostade) step for step, turn for the worse symptoms of the disease. Every cent of every euro helps to keep the disease to a halt and the League will be well spent to patients and their environment to guide a research fund. Enough reasons to turn to the Home-starring a game of football for the League to play.”

The Belgian Red Flames scoring for Plan International Belgium. Ives Serneels, coach of the Belgian Red Flames: “Since 2016 we, the Belgian Red Flames, the power of football to fight for meisjesrechten. The choice of Plan International Belgium, from more than 1000 charities of The Warmest month, it was quickly made. Exclusion on the basis of background, color, sexual orientation or gender is unacceptable. By the voice of the woman brighter sound, and their right to participate in sport if granted, they will also be in the sport and hopefully one day be on an equal footing with men to be treated.”

The cooperation between Home and the Red Flames will not fall from the sky. During their internship in the beginning of this year, the players and the staff of the Belgian Red Flames on setbezoek at Home. It was a relaxing activity in between training sessions and extra-motivating for Home fans in the national football team.

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