Ex-No Surrender-foreman Kuipers remains fixed

587a11ef047297cb22c499d5efa58756 - Ex-No Surrender-foreman Kuipers remains fixed

GRONINGEN – Former No Surrender-foreman Henk Kuipers (53) remains in pre-trial detention. That, the court in Groningen on Monday decided during a status hearing.

Kuipers was transferred to a more secure prison after an anonymous report that there uitbraakplannen were. He was hastily transferred from the prison in Leeuwarden to the department OPT (Beheersproblematische Detainees) in Vught. Last Friday, after two weeks, the additional measures are again lifted and turned Kuipers back in a normal regime.

He Kuipers is since december fixed on suspicion of extortion and leading a criminal organisation. Lawyer Roy van der Wal asked the custody of Kuipers to lift. According to Van der Wal has now lasted long enough. “There is also still no concrete view on a substantive treatment of the case. There is no recidivegevaar, because Kuipers is a member of No Surrender. The tipping point is now reached,” said the lawyer during the non-substantive session.


The court will decide later Monday about the detention, like the detention of co-suspect and Kuipers’ former right hand Theo at V.. He is stuck since February. The lawsuit will be not earlier than in the second quarter of next year, content to be treated, a date isn’t confirmed yet.

At the beginning of July laid Kuipers his position as the ’World Captain down and he is no longer a member of the motorcycle club. Also At V. has its membership terminated.

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