Everything for the job: these reporters go (literally) by the weather and the wind

In the United States hurtling hurricane Florence over the country. The average American is not averse to some drama and that also have these reporters are well noted. An anthology of the most dedicated journalists.

Reed Timmer is by far not the first storm. He is one of the most well known ‘storm chasers’ in the world and makes it an art of a heroic to report on every major U.s. storm.


WTVD-reporter Julie Wilson showed last weekend her good side. She saved an assistance dog who was injured and laid specially its documentary still.


Adriana Diaz, reporter with CBS News, believed her eyes when they saw a group of deer the flooded streets saw traverse.


Ted Oberg and his cameraman were in Wilmington for KTRK when the storm is at its most. They were hit by debris that rondvlogen, but are not injured.


Also, VRT-journalist Björn Soenens has the storm defied. In the middle of the heavy rain and wind brings, he still has a faultless report in the Journal on one.

This reporter was caught on a piece of overacting. He can be seemingly very difficult balance to keep, while passers-by in the background easily pass. According to his employer, CBS, was due to the boggy grass that the man hard standing could remain.

An honorable mention goes to Frank Deboosere of The Weather Channel. With impressive visuals, he shows how high the water can rise during the storm. The man didn’t go outside for weather. But he had to be sure yet a regenjasje.

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