Albert Verlinde will return on tv

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Albert Verlinde

Verlinde has Monday a message about that in the AD confirmed. The rumors that Verlinde switched to the Mol would make it go longer.

It is not yet known how the program will be known. Except Verlinde will also Jan Versteegh, his participation in the program grant. It is not yet clear on which platform of The Mole, the new concept will be shown.

Verlinde (57) rose in August 2016 leave of his function as entertainmentdeskundige in the RTL-program Boulevard where he was fifteen years was attached to. He had to say ’nice to stop and take the next step’. Verlinde was in march 2015, director of the Dutch branch of the by Joop van den Ende, founded the company Stage Entertainment.

It started to itch then The Mole asked him for the new program, sets Verlinde. “I’m busier, but I already know how it feels to see those two activities combined. In addition, I have all the detectives on tv now be seen hear.”

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