Aggressive mountain goats by helicopter in park, turned off

4ff771c79d77c3139f1dbe43ceda57ad - Aggressive mountain goats by helicopter in park, turned off

Seattle – Hundreds of mountain goats are Olympic National Park in Washington state disabled because they pose a threat to the visitors of the park. The goats are so become addicted to the salt in human urine and the smell of sweat that they are unsuspecting hikers aggressive approach.

That reports The Telegraph. In addition to their rather intrusive approach of nature lovers, vertrappelen they also the vegetation in the park. And for those who do not know how to behave, there is but one remedy, the authorities must have thought. Looks like with the goat.

The approximately 375 slechtgemanierde mountain goats that the visitors impossible to create a soothing wandeltje by the nature to create, to be sedated and then blindfolded and transferred by helicopter to a nature reserve where they will have less to suffer. The verhuisoperatie last week started.

Jesse Plumage, biologist of the American bosdienst, “Goats are often accused of damage to the environment, by munching way through sensitive vegetation. These goats were almost a century ago turned off in the area. That was even before the park was established and hikers in the area could visit.

Walker bled to death

Then came the complaints. In 2010 died even 63-year-old walker. He bled to death after he was attacked by a male of approximately 185 pounds.

Urinespoor as long lick

Walkers have been warned not along paths to urinate, in order to avoid that paths changed into “long, linear salt licks” where the mountain goats loves so much. They are, according to the park rangers love the salt and minerals in human urine, and sweat on clothing and backpacks.

Just stop

The move to 24 september another hundred goats. The rest of the geitenverhuizing state for next year on the calendar. Until that time it remains for walkers so beware blown and the bladder.

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