Actress Kirin Kiki (75) died

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Kirin Kiki last spring at the Cannes film festival

As Keiko Nakatani born Japanese began her acting career in the ’60s. They started in a theatre company, but later came up in the television world, where they are in a number of comedies. Kiki played eventually, in quite a few movies. In two of them, Tokyo Tower, and Sometimes Dad, she was with her daughter to see. She acted later with her granddaughter Kyara Uchida, I Wish and Sweet Bean, a film that in 2015, was part of Un Certain Regard in Cannes.

When the actress was in 2004 for the first time, is diagnosed with cancer. This spring, she made known that the disease was back and no longer treatable. “Instead of fighting the reality, I have chosen to be my fate to accept it”, she said about it on the Japanese radio.

In the Shoplifters, who in december was released in the Dutch cinemas, is to see them as the grandma of the family who keeps up by the retailer to commit. The film is the Japanese submission for the Oscars in February.

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