Zlatan: “Not the first standing ovation of the opponent for me”

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic makes a striking manner his 500th hit.

“It would be better to have felt if we had won, but for me personally, this is fantastic,” said Ibrahimovic, who with a karatekick his club LA Galaxy after a 3-0 deficit at 3-1, brought. The team of the Swedish superstar drew the state on a visit to Toronto even the same, but eventually lost with 5-3. “I have probably more goals than all other players on the field when the other races have played,” said the striker compared to the collected American media.

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’My fans’

The particular goal of Ibrahimovic ensured a standing ovation by the supporters of opponent Toronto. “It is not the first time that I had a standing ovation from the fans of the counterparty to hear”, knipoogde the Swede. “I think that is the fun part of the MLS, everywhere I go feel the fans of the opposing team as my fans. They want their own team not to lose weight, but I know that in their hearts all fans of me. I’m happy for the Toronto fans that I they this in their stadium, I was able to show.”


According to Ibrahimovic was his goal instinct. “Such goals plan you don’t or you don’t think about it, that is impossible. I have the images not yet seen, but already saw that I have many messages had been given of people who are ’crazy’. So I will do something crazy…”

Gregory van der Wiel played on behalf of Toronto FC the whole duel, and the play had two assists for a considerable share in the 5-3 victory of his team.

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