VIDEO – Short circuit in main Juve player

1ff121cd57a817c96da9b2a3bf29665f - VIDEO - Short circuit in main Juve player

Diego Costa spits out Federico Di Francesco as the icing on the cake’ is also in the face.

The Brazilian attacker of Juventus shared in the injury time of the Serie A match with Sassuolo first a elbow strike to opponent’s Federico Di Francesco and treated me the Italian then also on a headbutt and a nasty fluim in the face.

The referee gave Costa after the head butt yellow, but after the intervention of the VAR, he sent the winger of The Old Lady with red to the side.

Juventus had victory at the time of the exclusion already as good as within. The reigning champion was thanks to two goals scored by Cristiano Ronaldo with 2-1 and won eventually with those numbers.

The elbow:

The headbutt and spitting:

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