Tjitske Reidinga is tired of ’civil hipheidspraat’

81300e49311d1ddb08425875fca42802 - Tjitske Reidinga is tired of ’civil hipheidspraat’

“I find it to be quite a turbulent condition, the life. Or they say: ’I know very well now who I am.” Well, I come very often in situations where I wonder: am I this?”, tells Tjitske.

The actress – who among other things is known for her role in Gooische vrouwen – says with more things to struggle with. “So, I’m in love is so conservative as a monkey. I will never take the initiative. That is not emancipated, but I think that a woman who immediately jumps just very unattractive.”

In addition, she says ’tired’ of all ’civil hipheidspraat’. “You have the life is completely not in the hand. I am incredibly tired of all that spiritual civil hipheidspraat, such as “We are going to memories’ and that kind of tegelwijsheden. Then I think: ‘Rot, you are just going for a walk and hope that it’s a nice day!’.”

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