Theresa May interfere to speculation about her political future

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The British prime minister Theresa May is ‘annoyed’ by speculation about her political future. That she has said during an interview with the BBC. The debate about the exit from the European Union within little more than six months would be about the future of the country should go, not about the future of the prime minister, said May.

“I’m a little irritated (by the speculation). This debate is not about my future, but about the future of the British citizens and the Uk’, according to the premier, which advocates for the preservation of close relations with the EU countries after Brexit on 29 march 2019. May gets within her conservative party, however, the resistance of the advocates of a hard Brexit, with a complete break between the United Kingdom and the European Union.

“That is where I concentrate, and which we all of us need to focus. To make sure that we get a good deal from the EU, which the British citizens, wherever they live, favours. That is what that is important for us, ” says May.

Boris Johnson

May also made to the former minister of Foreign Affairs Boris Johnson, who, according to her a ‘completely inappropriate’ language used when he was her Brexit plan compared with a bomgordel’ which attaches to the United Kingdom. Johnson, who is seen as a possible successor of May, left in July as minister in protest against the plan in May to close trade relations with the EU to retain.

Brussels and London hope against the European summit in October to reach an agreement, and if that fails, there should be at last the beginning of november a deal on the table. That agreement must still by the British parliament to be approved, which May only be a small majority. In addition to the 27 remaining EU countries and the European Parliament to their fiat.

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