Storm around tv reporter which have the force of hurricane Florence ’exaggerates’

CHARLESTON – A reporter from The Weather Channel get the scorn of thousands of users of social media. Tv report of hurricane Florence went viral because he was the force of the storm somewhat aandikte. While the reporter acts as if he with difficulty on the leg can continue, running in the background, two men calmly on the street.

While a reporter is hardly standing can keep running in the background, two men calm on the street.

The images caused a small storm on social media. Despite the deadly power of the storm, until now there were eleven dead, could twitter the humor, however, understand. Others to lift heavier, and speak of a new example of ’fake news’.

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The Weather Channel defended itself against the American news site Buzzfeed by the state that the reporter is an exhausting day behind him. In addition, he was difficult to argue because he is on soaked grass, while the passers-by on asphalt, and walked. That comment made the scorn on social media will only increase, according to Buzzfeed. Now delivers the much-discussed live-report parodies.

Also a reporter from CNN is there on the social media of the accused that he is the consequences of the storm exaggerates. While his cameraman ’only’ up to his ankles in the water, the reporter sure only a few meters away to his waist in the water.

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