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Ripple: Controversial theory – XRP until the end of the year to 589 USD – What is it?

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Ripple: Controversial theory – XRP until the end of the year to 589 USD – What is it?

Home News Ripple: Controversial theory – XRP until the end of the year to 589 USD – What is it?

Marcus Misiak –

A few months ago has made the unbeannte Person “bearableguy123” on Reddit and Twitter a name. Specifically, in many XRP forums and Communities bearableguy123 is a much-discussed Person, because he could be a Ripple and XRP on the inside. What is his most famous statement is that XRP will reach 589 USD until the end of the year?

Bearableguy123 was for his bizaren, as well as cryptic puzzles and pictures, he pointed to future developments in the case of Ripple, and within a very short time a large following. At this point, we need to write “was”, because he’s after the 14. February 2018, when he had published his provocative XRP price forecast, disappeared, he made his sub-Reddit private and a few weeks later on his Twitter Account lock. The fact is that he made a few wild claims and predictions that have come true. He prophesied, for example, that MoneyGram would use the products of Ripple. He also knew before the official announcement, that MoneyGram and Walmart will cooperate. In addition, she posted numerous pictures of children, before Ripple has announced that they have made on a donation for school children. Some of his other claims were also, however, wrong.

In addition to the XRP price before probably the best known publication of bearableguy123 the image below, which XRP is say on the top of a castle, nor about Bitcoin and the US Dollar.

What is the message behind the image?

In the picture there are several unknown characters, including a knight, similar to the face, Brad garlinghouse, a king without a mouth, a Hand controlling a puppet, and bearableguy123, in addition to the mouth – and nose-less king is at the castle. In addition to the knights, a Phoenix is a mythical bird that burns at the end of its life cycle and dies, to rise from its ashes again and again. To the right of the entrance Ouroboros, the snake which eats its own tail, to see which stands for infinity. Exactly what an Arm is, possibly one of the Bankers, the puppet (the population?) controls. The king has no mouth and no nose. In addition, his sceptre is broken. Presumably, this indicates that he has lost his Power, and instead, the secret Person in the castle, the bankers, the Power to.

BTC could be the Phoenix that rises from the ashes, while the USD cycle is in an infinite inflation, while XRP is the new world currency and the new global Standard for Bank transfer. It is also interesting that the Phoenix resembles the very famous Cover of the Economist from 1988. On the damlaligen Cover of the Phoenix, which is a new world currency for the year 2018, the advance was. This has caused many to believe that Ripple with the old banking family, the Rothschilds.

A very detailed description also provides the following Twitter picture of Redsaw.

XRP is up the end of the year to 589 USD possible?

Already on 14. February bearableguy123 gave a price forecast to the Ripple (it seems from today’s point of view) impossible. He prophesied that XRP will be the end of the year 2018 at 589 USD. The basis of this assertion is probably that xRapid starts productive and the banks is used. As we report, is xRapid the fastest product of Ripple for cross-border transactions and uses XRP as a bridge currency for the Transfer of capital in the case of cross-border payments. If the prophecy is true, this would mean that XRP is actually the global Standard and most of the volume of cross-border payments denominated in XRP.

The channel is Working Money on YouTube has investigated this theory. He calculated the average daily turnover of XRP (7.25%) and the average daily XRP volume of trade (191 million USD) in the last years. Then he was looking for, which is the XRP price would result mathematically, if Ripple 1%, 5%, 10% and 100% of the existing, SWIFT’s market share would take. With a daily volume of about 4.7 trillion US dollars, the processed SWIFT, errechte he would that if xRapid captured only 1% of this business, the daily volume of xRapid to 47.8 billion US dollars d. 250 h.-times higher than before the rise. This would result according to his calculation, a XRP price 5.56 USD. If XRP reaches 5% of the SWIFT volumes (approximately 239 billion USD), would be the price, according to his calculation already at 26,62 USD. At 10% of SWIFT’s volume, it would 55,6 USD for XRP.

Even if xRapid would take 100% of the SWIFT system, that would be the price referred to in the calculation of the Working Money Channels, but “only” at around 526 USD, still under the hypothesis of bearableguy123. In this respect, within the XRP Community is unclear, as bearableguy123 came to the value 589 USD. Perhaps the number is just a mystery and could be interpreted as a cross-check sum 5 + 8 + 9 = 22 USD, and even a gigantic increase in the price of XRP would mean.

The statement “until the end of the year” is founded in the view of some of the XRP-Community-trailer that SWIFT will publish in November its “Standards MT maintenance release for 2018”. However, no speaking is in this of XRP.


All in the article discussed statements and assertions are pure conjecture. No one knows who is bearableguy123 and whether he was really an Insider in the case of Ripple. From a purely rational point of view, it does not seem possible that XRP will reach the end of the year a value of 22 USD. Even if xRapid will soon be introduced, this will not push the XRP price is probably directly in the height, because first, the regulatory framework and the technical requirements for the einelnen banks clarified.

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