Riots at the German demonstrations

5c5fd46ca78eb883e3ce046aa7bcdf57 - Riots at the German demonstrations

DÜSSELDORF – At several places in Germany is Sunday demonstrated, by the extreme right and by opponents. So went to Cologne to 12,000 people take to the streets for a ruimhartiger immigration policy.

In Gelsenkirchen were right-wing protesters and opponents clashed with each other. A 65-year-old man, believed to be one of the tegendemonstranten, was injured. Probably he got a bottle against his head. In Dortmund were nine right-wing protesters were arrested when they the escorts of the mayor attacked.

In the East German Köthen were approximately seven hundred right-wing protesters gathered, among whom were several representatives of the populist party AfD, and about the same amount of tegendemonstranten. In Köthen came last week, a 22-year-old German to the life by heart failure during a fight with the Afghans.

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