‘Malta is not migrantencentrum’

48cc270012ad2a996c50117714de35cc - ‘Malta is not migrantencentrum’

“We will anyone who is in distress at sea, continue to save, but Malta will never be a hub for the reception of migrants.’ That the Maltese prime minister Joseph Muscat on Sunday said.

Malta, an island in the Mediterranean Sea, kibbelt for a while with Italy over who is responsible for migrants from North Africa on the Mediterranean Sea to be rescued. The Italian deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini Malta has already repeatedly accused it of failing to take responsibility. Malta denies that.

Prime minister Muscat stressed Sunday that Malta definitely has its international obligations. The Italian government had earlier this week claimed that the island does not comply with the international laws. According to Rome does Malta ‘everything to help those in need, but if there is no urgent help is needed, then, are the hands of Malta bound and catch them no people on to the island want to go’.

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