“Le Fidèle” and “Zagros” best movies on Gala of the Ensor

9a5e4a93a08d5356d91734dce75a773f - "Le Fidèle" and "Zagros" best movies on Gala of the Ensor

“Le Fidèle” and “Zagros” are named best films at the Gala of the Ensors. The movies went with the Ensor to get in the Kursaal of Ostend, where the gala and the award ceremony for the Flemish film awards took place. Director Michaël R. Roskam and Sahim Omar & got the last statues of Flemish minister president Geert Bourgeois (N-VA). The tie is a first for the annual Flemish film awards.

“Le Fidèle” and put the counter so to six Ensor, “Zagros” on two. A is the ultimate winner in the category best film was not a tie. Both films got the same number of votes from the jury, consisting of everyone from the industry.

“Good that there are two frames, so that we don’t have to fight”, says producer of “Le Fidèle” Bart Van Langendonck. “It is a great honor for this award to receive,” said Sahim Omar & The director and screenwriter of “Zagros”. “It was not expected. It really can’t get better. This has a very special taste.”

“Le Fidèle” was the big slokop of the evening with six statuettes. Closest competitor was “Zagros” with two Ensors.

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