Lana Wood: “Robert Wagner has my sister murdered”

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Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood

The actress became missing when she in november 1981 on her yacht Splendour stayed off the coast of Catalina Island in California. At the time of her disappearance were also captain Dennis Davern, her husband, actor Robert Wagner, and Woods ‘ good friend and actor Christopher Walken on board. The next day the body of the hollywood star found in the water. After two weeks of research was her death an accident, but in 2011, the case was reopened. New witnesses who, according to American media have reported, the beginning of this year a new light on the case cast, which also includes Wagner a suspect in the case has become.

Thursday and Friday, said Dr Phil with Dennis Davern and Lana Wood, Natalie’s sister. Davern said up to now is always that he thought that it was an accident, but now that the murder might be. “Do you believe that Robert Wagner Natalie Wood murdered?”, ask Phil him. “Yeah, I think I really,” he responds, resolutely. Davern says he heard Wood and Wagner, a noisy quarrel, and then suddenly, it was silent. When he went to see what was going on, was Wagner’s only and he said that Wood was lost. Then he kept Davern against when he has to help, wanted to call. Also, he had of Wagner against the police say that Natalie Wood was probably slipped and accidentally in the water had come.

Lana Wood trust the story and the behavior of Wagner for a long time. They suspect that he has something to hide and thinks that he is her sister probably with intent in the water has pushed. They let you know is still upset because Wagner still refused to be with the police to talk. “The only explanation is that he has something to hide. Why else would you not with the police want to talk to?” she concludes.

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