Grensagent arrested for death of four women

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LAREDO – The police in Texas, an agent of the border police arrested who is suspected of killing four women in the last two weeks and the kidnap of a fifth woman.

The police say about the evidence is strong against the grensagent.

The 35-year-old suspect was found in a parking lot in the city of Laredo, about 240 kilometers southwest of San Antonio, where he had hidden. A woman, who he according to the indictment had been kidnapped had escaped and had the police informed. ,,We believe We have strong evidence against this man have,” said sheriff Martin Cuellar of Webb County. ,,Our community is safe for this killer.”

The bodies of two women were, according to local media earlier this month found along Interstate 35 in northwest Webb County. The bodies of the third and fourth wife were this weekend in that area found. The identity of the victims is not disclosed.

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