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Fiat is dead, and the Bitcoin live! Freedom of speech-to-ECHO KW#37

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The price of Bitcoin has experienced within the last month only delicate gains. Also, the EMA 20 is talking to a bearish language. The cops agree: Bitcoin is Large, Fiat. The freedom of speech to ECHO.

The last big stock market crash is now already 10 years history. Shortly after Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy, filed for Satoshi Nakamoto something completely different: a decentralized, Peer-to-Peer network structure, the digital monetary system Bitcoin. The development of the course since then, little in a straight line. The much-lamented volatility is a property of the Bitcoins not convinced many.

Not so Kim DotCom. The new Zealand entrepreneur, predicts a lot more to the re-collapse of the financial system and swears by crypto-currencies:

“Trust me. Buy crypto and Gold. Your dollars will be worthless. With the Crash of the US economy all the old currencies will collapse. The times are hard. But for you, if your some of your Assets to secure. The big Crash is coming, 100 percent.“

Dr. Marko Kolanovic: Next crisis is the middle of 2019 due

Of something seriöserer the confirmation of the next great crisis came. So JPMorgan-Analyst Dr. Marko Kolanovic believes that the next big crisis is the latest by mid-2019 are due. The report on the 10-year anniversary of the financial crisis, he closes with the words:

“The next crisis will lead to similar social tensions of 50 years ago – in the year 1986.”

With negative prophecies against Fiat currencies and the financial system, the two are not alone.

John McAfee agrees with: Bitcoin will explode

The controversial crypto-guru John McAfee told us in an Interview:

“Fiat is dead.”

He also told us that it was impossible that he would lose his infamous bet. Because:

“I can’t lose, this is simply impossible. […] Bitcoin is going to explode.“

The Trend is to Bitcoin

So far, So good – at least for the Bitcoin Ecosystem. Although this is not yet quite ripe for Mass adoption, approaches this, however. So Jonathan Cheesman of Distributed Global know that the Trend is clearly to Bitcoin:

“For some of the things are now even more acute – Venezuela and Turkey are the most obvious examples, and the scope of debt currencies, as a real risk for many Paper. In the search for a store of value Gold has fulfilled its purpose. But it is archaic. A digital memory for value is both practical as well as with the growing millennial Generation. […] Around the world, regulators are struggling to, how can you monitor cryptocurrencies make sense. A decentralized movement also means a lot of complications in the classification […]. As a result, things have developed pretty slowly, but the regulatory authorities have to strike a tone that shows that you respect the potential of Innovation. The regulatory uncertainty has, in turn, slows down the institutional investors, as well as the lack of Custody, insurance, data and risk management solutions.“

Joseph Lubin of Ethereum: “great growth.”

This attitude is confirmed Joseph Lubin. The co-founder of Ethereum, told CNN:

“The technology [Ethereum] is still immature. But there will be many developments in this area and everything there is now as Assets, there will be in the future, as a crypto-Asset. Us for great growth.“

Fiat is dead, and the Bitcoin live!

Taking a look at the news, don’t seem to have the Bitcoin to lie to cops all wrong. Although the Bitcoin is rocket still of the Bitcoin for miles from the moon, away, course still needs to grow. However, this does not prevent the Ecosystem, spread out in all directions. Since the Singapore-based crypto stock exchange is, for example, Huobi wants to massively expand in Japan. In Washington, the Blockchain Association was founded in addition, in order to lobby for Bitcoin. If it works then, from the mistakes of questionable exchanges, such as BitMex, or Mt.To learn Gox and finally create decentralized exchanges, then the cops will get to keep right.

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