BOD stops with Remco after ” intensive contact multiple ladies’

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Farmer Remco with presenter Yvon Jaspers.

At the end of the first episode on Sunday night told the presenter Yvon Jaspers that “after our ears has come by Remco at the time of the first episode, with quite a few of these women dearly had contact.” “Well, that means for a lot of women who are now hopeful in the tent that they have no fair chance. So unfortunately we have to decide Remco no longer have to follow.”

On the website of Farmer wants a Wife is to read that the program is “honest and authentic” and “based on trust” is created. “We make Farmer wants a Wife for the bachelor farmers who like nothing better than a relationship, and with whom, that without our help it does not succeed. Because we work with many participants of Farmer wants a Wife closely in contact with, came to us this soon in the ears. Then we have with all the people involved frequent discussions.”

Breach of trust

According to the program, there is a breach of trust, since Remco already with several ladies contact appeared to have, those that don’t know, and them also has prompted to write. “He has, in our view, not fair traded. Many of the briefschrijfsters had this no fair chance. Remco (online) continue to follow fit so it wasn’t Farmer wants a Wife.

Farmer Jim says: “I had, of course, this never should do. I had honestly should be against the women and against Farmer wants a Wife. But it has happened. I’m really sorry.”

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