Yorick van Wageningen wants love after turning nasty scenes

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“Apparently to see castingdirectors previously a villain in me,” laughs the 54-year-old actor, who after years in Los Angeles to have lived now and again especially in Amsterdam lives. “To me it doesn’t matter whether I’m a good guy or a bad guy play; but if it is a role that I believe something can.” Often arise reels on the set. “The director in the Papillon originated primarily when I clothes had to fit. There were all the uniforms for me, and one white suit, for the scene in which he has a movie premiere visit. As soon as I put it, I knew: interviews with those uniforms, this pack is for me the character.”

His ’warden’ Barrot is a vain, actually, what a sad man. “Writer Jean Genet, who is also a criminal, has in one of his books said that the guards at some penal colony is actually just as good were prisoners as their victims. Barrot is a somewhat vain man who is completely obsessed hits by one prisoner that he could not the servants.”


Papillon is a remake of the truth-based classic from 1973, with Steve McQueen in the title role. In the first instance had Of Wageningen are doubts about the new version. “But the young Danish director is a great talent,” he says enthusiastically. “And the old Papillon is one of the reasons why I even wanted to become an actor. I realized in the first instance, not that I go to a movie was watching and that the story by the actors was re-enacted. Especially young people know the story at all.” There is, according to the star, nothing against some of the iconic stories after half a century of a new version for a new generation. “Above all, it is a bromance story, about the love between two men who, under terrible circumstances, to depend on each other.”

Incidentally, fell running Wageningen heavy; the recordings were quite off and the set in Montenegro was a desolate mud pit. “I had the luck that my white suit is not dirty should be,” laughs the actor. “The assistant-director was a bear of a guy. That lifted me between shoots up and walked me to my trailer in order to prevent mud or blood stains on the fabric would come.”

The togetherness with the rest of the cast and crew is important for the Dutchman, especially when the story that is being filmed as naargeestig. “If you do this kind of roll play, you have between the run by the need for warmth and love,” explains Van Wageningen. When he and director David Fincher the verkrachtingsscenes in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo turned, had the actor always has his dog with him on the set. “I could all the misery I had just gone through for the camera is not of me, drop by a walk or a wag of my dog.” Papillon runs from this week in Dutch cinemas.

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