VVV has few problems at The County

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Bijdschap at Danny Post

On the Vijverberg was 1-2 for the Limburgers. TOURIST insisted, thereby provisionally by the end of the premier league.

After half an hour, led the formation of coach Maurice Steijn with 0-2. Tino-Sven Susic opened the score, after looking at pass of Ralf Seuntjens. Danny’s Post made number two, with a targeted fader in the corner, after good illustration of Peniel Mlapa. The County got barely any grip on the opponent and could for the own audience, but difficult for an all-or-nothing offensive to worry.

Just before half-time looked like the home team to come back, but a bet of Jordi Tutuarima ended up on the pole. In the 89th minute fell, yet the ‘aansluitingstreffer’, made by Delano Burgzorg. A moment later, headed the same player almost the equalizer, but goalkeeper Lars Unnerstall and the pole to rescue OT. In addition, the Figures in extra time not more in difficulty.

The County, with four points after five matches, won so far only the openingsduel with Feyenoord.

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