US questions spoedzitting UN security council: ‘Russia and China to circumvent sanctions against North Korea’

The UN Security council is Monday, in a spoedzitting together after allegations of the United States that China and Russia still do business with Pyongyang, despite the trade embargo.

The American minister of Foreign Affairs Mike Pompeo accused Moscow Friday of the 2006 set of sanctions against North Korea deliberately to circumvent. In addition, would the Russians have tried the publication of a critical UN report which will show.

In that report, which news agency AFP , a copy managed to get hold of, state that, inter alia, that North Korea still working on its nuclear program and the development of long-range missiles, despite promises not to do more. In addition, the publication reported a ‘huge increase’ of the smuggling of oil and coal between Russia and China on the one hand and North Korea on the other.

‘Russia tries the sanctions of the UN Security council against North Korea deliberately to undermine, ” said Pompeo Friday. “I hope that the original report is published. From this it seems clear that there are activities which are contrary to the prevailing sanctions against the country.’

The former CIA director stressed, however, that Washington’s dialogue with Pyongyang is continuing on the agreements on disarmament, which were made during the summit meeting between president Donald Trump and the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on June 12.

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