Typhoon Mangkhut reached the Philippines

263f85583c38f3de73b10bebd8c1828d - Typhoon Mangkhut reached the Philippines

MANILA – The heavy typhoon Mangkhut has the Philippines achieved. The storm came in to land at the place Baggao in Luzon, the largest Philippine island.

The typhoon, which is accompanied with gusts of more than 255 kilometres per hour, is the heaviest storms in the country this year. The authorities take account of flooding and landslides. The authorities inhabitants of coastal areas were evacuated and the emergency services and the army was mobilized.

Governor Manuel Mamba of the province of Cagayan said shortly before the arrival of the hurricane that is about 36.000 people transferred to shelters. He suggested that not everyone wanted to leave. “There are people who have resistance because they make their homes wanted to monitor.”

Also the approach of the storm was already associated with severe weather events. Thus fell the power off in parts of the provinces of Cagayan and Isabela in Luzon. Also got the fly – and traffic disrupted.

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