Typhoon Mangkhut claims three lives

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MANILA – typhoon Mangkhut are certainly three people killed on the Philippines. Two rescue workers died while they were trying people out of a mudslide. A third body was in a river in Manila found.

The typhoon leaves in the course of the morning, the largest island of the country, Luzon, where half of the 105 million Philippines living. The damage is huge, almost all the buildings are damaged. According to an official, many roofs weggewaaid.

The local authorities warn of mudslides and flooding from the large amount of rain that falls. Rivers can easily be outside the borders.

The wind speeds on the island up to 330 kilometers per hour. It is the heaviest storm of 2018. Mangkhut, which is in the Philippines, Ompong is called, pulls in the direction of hong Kong.

In large parts of the Philippines are the power outages due to trees on power lines have fallen. Rescue workers have not yet had the opportunity to see the damage on the island. Because fallen trees are also many ways to block, it is difficult mess to clean up.

Governor Manuel Mamba of the province of Cagayan said shortly before the arrival of the hurricane that is about 36.000 people transferred to shelters. He suggested that not everyone wanted to leave. ,,There are people who have resistance because they make their homes wanted to monitor.”

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