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Racing Genk benefit from dekkingsfout Anderlecht

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A dekkingsfout of Ivan Santini took Anderlecht on the field of Racing Genk at least a point. Dewaest scored, Anderlecht scored. Genk remains in the track of leader Club Brugge, Anderlecht is largely provisional.

The Inhabitants didn’t need to lose on the field of Racing Genk. The goal of the home team fell under the heading of ‘to avoid’, and on the other side was a created goal of Makarenko interrupted by… Anderlecht-striker Dimata. In short, there was more in it for the team of Hein Vanhaezebrouck.

Has the topper expectations met? Actually not! Especially the first half was of a faint level to have a real topaffiche to speak. Genk tried but the lack of turntable Malinovskiy weighed too heavy by even though was his substitute Heynen three times, seriously threaten. On the other side showed Saelemaekers is the most active pawn in the salmon pink shirt of the visitors. All in all, we offered the first half to little.

Dewaest scores

That changed immediately after the break. A afgeweerde corner kick was by Pozuelo from the right again in front of goal. Gelegenheidsverdediger Ivan Santini had no eye for gelegenheidsspits Dewaest, the scrawny defender brought the Genkenaren immediately on edge.

Immediately the signal for both teams to make the spectacle a little more to take care of. Anderlecht had always have to come when Makarenko of there should try but be sure goal by team mate Dimata of the line met. More bad luck you may not have. On the other side brought Pozuelo topschutter Samata in contention but his deviated shot was by Didilon parried.

It is not that Anderlecht is not tried. Hein Vanhaezebrouck brought with Saief, Musona and Bakkali three offensive set invaders in the field, and that created a right away danger. Musona missed, the shot of Bakkali sailed narrowly over. Anderlecht kept on insisting but goalkeeper Vukovic corrugated not. On the other side refused Trossard the match on lock.

One in nine for Anderlecht after admittedly two tough trips – Bruges and Genk – and in between the ” home against the pesky Antwerp. These are not pleasant figures, and makes a win next week against Standard almost necessary.

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