Pope calls on mafiosi to love

PALERMO – Pope Francis has on Sicily’s mafiosi called their life of crime and violence and choosing love. The religious potentate said that members of the organised crime, which is often a practicing catholic, “not in God believe, and at the same time mafiosi.”

Pope Francis during megamis for 80,000 people in Palermo.

Francis commemorated in Sicily, a priest in 1993 by the mafia was killed because he’s in control of the mafia over one of the roughest neighborhoods in Palermo argued. The pope led a mass for 80,000 people in the port city.

Many members of the organised crime in Italy, such as Cosa Nostra in Sicily, Ndrangheta in Calabria, see themselves as a member of a religious sect and call often, with the aid of the saints in their criminal activities.

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