Lily Allen was disappointed in motherhood

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Lily Allen

The 33-year-old singer has teamed up with her ex-husband Sam Cooper and two daughters. But her dream of the perfect life in the countryside with her family, has turned into a nightmare when she suffered postpartum depression and realized that her ideal life had not been realised.

“My parents were also not particularly good as the parents, so I also never learned how to I mother had to be”, says Lily to Bang Showbiz. “I went in there just from that all by itself would go, and that was so not the case. I think that’s the trigger for that depression.”

“My entire childhood, I dreamed of the perfect average family with 2.4 children. I would live in the countryside, and everything would automatically be fine. I would be the perfect mother. And so that’s what happened. I am very shocked and am very disappointed.”

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