Iraqi parliament chooses (finally) the new chairman

c4fdf202ddac653094f1c55090110767 - Iraqi parliament chooses (finally) the new chairman

The new parliament of Iraq Saturday, Mohammed al-Halbousi, a sunni, is elected president. This brings an end to months of political deadlock.

The new parliament was in may elected, but by complaints about fraud in the elections had the votes herteld. That recount was not finished until August.

Earlier this month, held the parliament’s first session, but it failed in a president. Two alliances said each that they are the largest parliamentary block was formed.

Al-Halbousi (37) got 169 votes in a secret ballot in the 329 seats storey parliament, said parliamentary sources Saturday. He was in addition to other sunni politicians candidate for the post. Traditionally, the chairman of the Iraqi parliament, a sunni, the prime minister a shiite and the president a Kurd.

Al-Halbousi is ex-governor of the western province of Anbar. His election is an important step towards the formation of a new Iraqi government.

The parliamentary elections of 12 may were the first since Iraq in december 2017, the victory promulgated inspired on the militants of IS (Islamic State) after a campaign of three years, supported by the United States.

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