Hero wants money for save the children from swimming pool

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Seaforth/Merseyside – A British holidaymaker who two children from drowning saved from the hotel swimming pool on Menorca was praised for his heroic deed. The hotel sent a bottle of wine as a thank you for his actions. But it took the 32-year-old father of two is not satisfied.

The whole drama at the edge of the bath of the Hotel Victoria Playa in Santo Tomas in Menorca, according to Steven Tartt his entire holiday ruined. And that may be what cost more than a bottle of wine, he thinks. It was a traumatic experience he writes to the holiday provider TUI.

Tartt that in the swimming-pool dived to a boy of seven and a 6-year-old girl to save is a waste. The lifeguard didn’t pay attention and was dismissed. Tartt had returned home to his own words as a burden of the violent event during his holiday in June that he has an extra week free had to take to get there.

“According to TUI, I myself chosen to be in the pool to jump and so it is my own responsibility. I need to watch and two of the children to drown, because the hotel someone in the service had his work did not? I would do something to have!”, he writes.

Tartt wants, except the well-intentioned bottle of wine, financial compensation of TUI. TUI is adamant. The vakantiegigant think him meet to be able to come up with psychological help to the impact of the happened to handle.

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