Guus Meeuwis: ’They may call for a second edition”

Guus Meeuwis at the Flying Friends of Amstel river in Amsterdam

“Incredible that it all”, says Guus Meeuwis between his performances. “One of the coolest is actually to the festival to fly and actually got to see what you can expect and what you should expect. That view is spectacular.”

A individual continues to prefer having both feet on the ground, as Jack Poels van Rowwen Hèze. He’s going to prefer to with the car, not because he is not flying like it but simply because it is often faster.

Rolling Stones

“We played once in the opening act of the Rolling Stones in Landgraaf, and then we went to Zierikzee. Then had the manager figured out that we could only reach with a helicopter,” said Jack. “When we arrived it turned out the bus with the crew, there’s already a half-hour,” he laughs. “So that is what we have for today, but also invented.”

Guus, that Saturday the whole day samenspeelde with Rowwen Hèze, called The Flying Friends ’a great addition’ to the work of the Friends of Amstel. What he is concerned there will be a sequel. “I think it’s adorable. If the organization comes to the conclusion that the effort was made and we do it one more time, then they should always call.”

The Flying Friends is for now a one-off event to the twentieth anniversary of The Friends of Amstel, and the fifth anniversary of The Flying Dutch to celebrate.

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