German security service wants to substantially expand

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BERLIN – The German domestic security agency BfV wants to significantly expand. Sources at the ministry of Home Affairs told the magazine Der Spiegel that the top of the security service aims to almost a doubling of the number of employees. When the service work is now 3100 people. That there must be 6000 in 2021.

BfV chief Hans-Georg Maassen will find that the dept of homeland security is about as big as the foreign intelligence service BND. The extra people in the domestic service would be necessary, inter alia, to spy that it can more effectively tackle and islamic terrorism.

Maassen is located in Germany under fire for his response to recent unrest in Chemnitz in the east of the country. He pulled up in doubt, or there klopjachten had occurred on foreigners. Also, he seemed to question the authenticity of video footage of right-wing violence, though he later argued that his statements were wrong explained.

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