’De Jong is two metres, but screams like a little boy’

018377323ba7c073de7dd81994d47225 - ’De Jong is two metres, but screams like a little boy’

Luuk de Jong (right)

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The home team had seven hits (0-7) to swallow and made the dumbest mistakes. Meijers was after critically on the dramatic game of the Hagenaren, but also had little good in store for Luuk de Jong.

Bas Nijhuis gave the second half a penalty, because Meijers is a stupid violation made on the striker of PSV. Nevertheless, it was the defender not happy with the response of The Young.

“Luuk de Jong is two metres, but he screams like a little boy. I find that very bad of him. I also told him”, said the evil Meijers at FOX Sports about the 1 meter 88 long The Young.

Nijhuis gave in the first instance, no penalty, but after studying the images, there was no doubt. “If three men there to have looked at the way. For my feeling he makes the first obstruction. It is also not clever, but he must not fall”, said the frustrated Meijers.

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