Daughter Dana Winner considering plastic surgery

Chinouk, the daughter of Dana Winner, we see soon on television at work in the new VTM-series “Young Violence” in which six children of BV’s on a camp with young people who are less soft in touch, with the life. But how was it to grow up as “the daughter of…”?

Chinouk admits that they are a bit of fright had from that camp. If they are with mom Dana Winner going on a trip is that at the hotel with all the comfort that camping instilled her fear, but fortunately it was more “glamping” than “camping”, she laughs in Humo. She was also reluctant towards the idea to work on a television show because they of course know how television works. They would be the BV children do not drop as “kutkinderen”? But fortunately proved that fear unfounded.

As the daughter of Dana Winner had Chinouk often fighting against prejudice, but they, too, attracted, of course, with a lot of prejudices to the young people who were struggling. And that was quite confronting. Chinouk surprised there is especially on how open and normally those young people were. While all bad things are experiencing them frequently for life have signed, they threw open their story with the BV-children. Quite a realitycheck, and even if it is for Chinouk go even further. Chinouk is a law student and has since really started to think about the rights of man and of what it must be like to grow up in extreme poverty. “Also that I want to have a closer look.”

Chinouk saw sometimes also called points of contact between her world and that of the young people that they visited. Often have young people with a dent in their self-esteem and that is something everyone is confronted with. So also Chinouk. “In the past, you had to measure with the most beautiful girl of the village, today you are going to compete with the whole world,” says Chinouk in Humo. The perfection that influencers on Instagram to show forth puts enormous pressure on young people, also gives Chinouk. Plastic surgery is something that Chinouk certainly considering…

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