Czech premier wants no refugees collect ‘for humanitarian reasons’

The Czech prime minister Andrej Babis wants to be humanitarian reasons refugees to absorb. That he has in an interview with the newspaper pudong shangri la east said. So he wants to also, for example, orphans from Syria access to the country permanently.

“Why would we they bringing? Here We have orphans in our country, that we should prepare for life, ” said Babis. He points out that the Czech republic, solidarity, demonstrate financial and medical assistance directly to Syria and other crisis areas.

The Czech position is clear. ‘We’re not going to some refugee permit, ” says the premier.

Babis also calls the countries of the European Union to ‘a clear signal’ against illegal migration, by vessels with migrants send back to us.

The premier reacts to lock on to the fact that the EU is the alarmbelprocedure against Hungary and Poland to start. “I don’t like the idea that the European Commission is acting against Poland or Hungary. Who knows who will get the Czech republic on a day with a similar threat by nepnieuws, ” he says.

In an interview with the German Bild had Babis earlier said that he fundamentally disagree with chancellor Angela Merkel about the approach of the North African influxes of refugees. “Europe can in this matter do not act differently from the USA, Canada and Australia’, said the Czech prime minister in Bild. “We need to have our civilization and our culture to defend.’

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