Belgian tourist was found dead in the US, research started

A Belgian tourist last Wednesday found dead in the domain of the U.s. White Sands National Monument in the state of New Mexico. The local authorities have started an investigation. The spokesperson of the park, calls it “a beautiful, but deadly place”.

The quest for the Belgian tourist began when the supervisors at the closing of the park an abandoned vehicle found on a parking lot. Supervisors found the tourist to on the one and a half kilometres from the car park. He was already dead. The police of New Mexico has launched an investigation.

It is not yet clear how the tourist was killed, but it was that day with 36 degrees Celsius warm. The desert park is also conveniently located at over 1900 meters, which is the heat exceptionally heavy. Also there is no shade or water. Supposedly, he died of dehydration and exhaustion.

According to a spokesperson of the park is ‘White Sands is beautiful, but deadly’. “We do not yet know how he died, we do not exclude anything, but this can be a deadly place.”

‘The combination of extreme heat, typical for New Mexico, and the height is unusual, usually life there are no people in such circumstances’, it sounds still. ‘We try to be people well informed, we recommend at least a gallon (3.7 liters ed.) per person per day.’

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