Anna Kendrick scolded Barack Obama from

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Anna Kendrick

The 33-year-old actress has finally made known what they had in 2012 against then president Obama said, and then he in laughter erupted. During The Late Show with Stephen Colbert gives Anna that she is the president actually had insulted, but in a ’funny way’.

She explains that Obama is very enthusiastic about Up In The Air, in which Kendrick, one of the leading roles plays, because of the way there about the economy and recession is being spoken. When the two then met, he apologized because he was her embarrassment had brought. “Yes, you’re such a bastard”, responded Anna.

Then decided on Anna for a character trait to think about the people from her state, Maine (which they always are on time) and teased Obama then that he couldn’t recognize that she that invented had. “So I scolded him first, and then I went to him because he didn’t know enough about the fifty states. That was what ensured that he is so hard in laughter erupted,” explains the actress.

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