Yvon Jaspers (BOD) may be a style akin to veevoederfabrikant

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Yvon Jaspers

The newspaper is perplexed by the position that Jaspers since 2015 holds. She is chairman connected For Farmers, a listed multinational company in animal feed. The NPO’s is part of campaigns For Farmers and wants the boerentrots to top up’.

That is interestingly enough also the thought behind the by her for the public service broadcaster made program to Our farm. A link between the NPO program and Jaspers’ schnabbel there is not, however, as is stressed by Kro-Ncrv.

For Farmers wanted to Trouw did not elaborate on the compensation that Jaspers is getting for her activities for the company. Her work for the Dutch multinational, is quite neat with the Kro-Ncrv is notified to and approved by the board, allows a spokesman to know.


According to would Jaspers publicly have stated that they Farmer wants a wife would be dropped if they are not also Our farm was allowed to make. Kro-Ncrv does not deny this, but states that ’the Farmer wants a wife, red.) not without the other (Our farm, red.) ’.

The Commissariat for the Media is called still not over the issue. The watchdog may decide to have an investigation about a particular presenter or program complaints come in. “But,” says a spokesman, “that is in this case not happened yet.”

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