Woman drowned during a baptism in the sea

0f27e62d64aa5584ad1c47dd2b103f90 - Woman drowned during a baptism in the sea

SEZELA – A woman has drowned during a naming ceremony in the sea in South Africa. During the ceremony, she was caught by an undercurrent. The South African brigade was still going to sea, but the lifeboat Miracle was nothing more for the women mean. A kilometer away was her remains found.

The rescue team could do nothing more for the woman.

A man who stayed with her during the baptism, was also caught by the water. He is still missing. The incident happened at Sezela, on the eastern side of South Africa.

In march, three people were killed during a baptism in the sea at Cape town. Two people were in trouble, a third died when he tried to help them.

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