Walviscommissie calls for populations to recover, to the displeasure of Japan: ‘Intolerant’

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The International Walviscommissie (IWC) last Thursday, a statement adopted in which it is emphasized that it is necessary to cetacean populations to recover. This to the dissatisfaction of Japan, that is trying to make a 32-year-old ban on whaling to be lifted.

The purpose of the new declaration is to cetacean populations on the level of the beginning of the industrial whaling. The commercial use of whales must be in accordance with the statement limited to the observation of whales.

The IWC adopted the declaration, with 40 votes against 27, during its annual meeting, this time in the Brazilian city of Florianopolis. The Declaration of Florianopolis, where the host country his shoulders, got the support of several Latin American and European countries.

Just now Japan is the reverse represents

Representatives of Japan say that the IWC ‘is an intolerant organisation’ has become, that no dissent accepts.

Environmental organisations are satisfied with the explanation. “This is a great victory for the whales, and a clear statement of intent,” says Patrick Ramage, director of the maritime conservation International Dierenwelzijnsfonds (IFAW).

‘Now we immediately after this victory for nature conservation, the Japanese proposal will be discussing to return to the past era of unregulated commercial whaling, we hope that Japan take a good look. A majority shares their vision of the future is not, ” says Ramage.

The IWC conducted in 1986 a moratorium on commercial whaling. That had to cetacean populations to protect, which is on the verge of extinction were.

Still kills Japan annually to 450 whales, says the organization Pro Wildlife. Japan says that it does that for the sake of scientific purposes. Norway and Iceland, formally objected were against the moratorium, killing, respectively, to 700 and 200 whales each year. Japan wants the ban is now lifting and walvisquota enter for species for which the self believes that there is enough of it.

The proposal, that a drievierdemeerderheid need, makes little chance. The IWC suggested the vote on the proposal from Thursday to Friday.

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