TOURIST office distributes Mail new contract

1b40837884d8aa44cd3d282a0c50b6cb - TOURIST office distributes Mail new contract

Danny Post scored on a visit to Willem II in the winning goal

The 29-year-old captain made Friday announced that his club provisionally true. His contract ran to the end of this season. ,,The growth has been a while and I would like to be part of remain,” explains Post his choice. In addition, the club has a clear vision and a clear policy.

,,Danny is now in its sixth season with our club and has in the years developed further’, says manger football Stan Valckx on the club. ,,He is a leader inside and outside the lines. That he longer unites us is not only important for the team, but also a good signal to the outside.”

Post was previously active for Haarlem, FC Groningen, FC Dordrecht and SC Cambuur.

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