Teen gets life sentence for killing step-mother with a sword

LONDON – A British boy of 17 years, that his stepmother ombracht with an axe and a samoeraizwaard, is sentenced to life in prison.

The boy disappears for at least fifteen years behind bars, reports the BBC.

The teenager had debt known to the brutal murder, that from it nothing seemed to come. He came home after a “normal school day” and attracted his 54-year-old step-mother about two hours later to the outside. There he struck the woman with an axe and cut its throat with the sword, that he was under the bed of his father had found.


The teenager tried photos of the body on internet, but failed.

The boy called and eventually the police to to to give. He would be against agents have said that he had had enough of his life and murder as a way out saw. The teen seemed to not have hate to have had to his stepmother. He stated in a written statement that the victim “in me believed” and “have loved me.”

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